B's Truly Couture Cupcakes

My name is Bisma M. Bhatti and I am the owner and founder of B’s Truly Couture Cupcakes. The first thing you should know about me is that I’m TRULY passionate about my cupcakes! I take pride in every step from measuring the flour, to putting on the very last fondant flower. I believe that each cupcake is little piece of artwork and a reflection of the person it is made for. That is why I specialize in creating “truly couture cupcakes”. My aim is to provide you with completely custom cupcakes and desserts, for your perfect event. As Business Management and Communications Studies graduate, I understand the importance of quality and taste, and strongly believe that those are two elements that should not be sacrificed by cost. At B’s Truly Couture Cupcakes, I guarantee impeccable quality, fantastic taste, and total satisfaction at an affordable price. A detailed description of best keno strategy find here. B’s Truly Couture Cupcakes can be enjoyed anytime, and at any event! From small, intimate gatherings, to corporate or charity events; we’ve done it all! I would never deliver a cupcake I was not completely satisfied with. So I promise that after taking the first bite of a B’s Truly Couture Cupcake, you will be hooked!


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