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See the savings, with VIP!

See the savings, with VIP!

Premium Outlet Collection Edmonton International Airport

See the Savings! Join the VIP Shopper Club today & enjoy several benefits:

-Get early access to seasonal sales.

-Score invites to VIP-only events

-Save favorites, enjoy speedy checkout and more online and online offers at

-Print or Redeem exclusive offers from your phone.

It's fast and easy to join, visit or visit Management Office located between Bath & Body Works and American Eagle for assistance.

Once you are a VIP Shopper Club Member, you will be able to access the VIP Coupon Book offers for additional savings - right from your phone by following the simple instructions below:

  1. Log into your VIP Club account by visiting:
  2. Click on Premium Outlet Collection Edmonton International Airport
  3. Click on “All” special offers – this will include the same offers from the VIP Card, plus exclusive daily offers you receive for being a VIP Shopper Club Member!
  4. Show these offers on your phone at our stores, and start saving!


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